Karas: American dream is not behind the mountains


<p><strong>May 9, Karas national food chain has made a decision to enter the US market.</strong></p><p>Karas, being one of the biggest food chains operating in Armenia, has made a decision to enter the American market on May 9, thus, investing in the construction of a new branch. The company's decision to enter an international market had been made long ago, and the first country for expansion has become the USA.</p><p>“In 2016, after we completed our cooperation with EBRD, we have already implemented the HACAP quality criteria, which mostly refer to companies operating in the USA, Canada, and Europe, in the field of restaurant food and fast food service. Therefore, we were ready to conquer new markets . American market is an important strategic achievement for us. We are sure that we can adapt the successful business plan, that we implemented in Armenia, to the USA. Our goal is to maintain the Armenian taste and aroma, blending it with the American lifestyle, at the same time”, - noted the founder of Karas, Tigran Yuzbashyan.</p>