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Best Armenian Brand of the Year 2021


<p>On February 21, 2021 the annual “Best Armenian Brand” award ceremony took place, organized by the Armenian Marketing Association. The award ceremony was held in “Megeryan Carpet” Cultural Complex in Armenia.</p><p>The results were based on a telephone survey conducted by MPG Armenia, a representative of Gallup International Association, during August-September 2020.</p><p>We are pleased to announce that Karas National Food Chain won “The Best Fast Food Chain of the Year” award during the awards ceremony.</p><p>On behalf of our team, we would like to express our gratitude to the Armenian Marketing Association, for this wonderful event. Such projects encourage us and inspire us to believe that Armenian based companies are appreciated, which in turn becomes a source of motivation for us.</p><p>Most importantly we are grateful to our customers, who have trusted us for years. There is no greater reward, than customer appreciation.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>